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Welcome to Educational Chess- a place where education meets chess!

Educational Chess offers the best school chess program for kids of ages 6-18 in Orange County and Los Angeles, California. In addition, we also offer chess lessons for parents and educators who want to know how to play chess and improve their chess strategy. Our chess lessons for kids and adults help students reach their true potential. Educational Chess offers lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Educational does not only help you learn the basic chess rules, we also help you learn chess strategies at a more advanced level than anyone else.

Educational Chess lessons and classes are taught by a real chess expert with over 25 years of tournament experience and with 20 years of chess teaching experience at all levels. An experienced chess teacher and top chess player can help you learn a lot more and a lot better- and that is what Educational Chess does for you.

In addition to our chess classes and chess lessons- beginners lessons, intermediate and advanced chess lessons- the Educational Chess web site offers kids' games and learning resources for people of all ages who want to improve their chess game.

The Educational Chess program is well structured and designed to help students of all ages succeed and improve to their full potential. Our chess lessons are carefully designed and customized for all of our students. We have also developed our own innovative teaching method that will help you accomplish your chess goals. In addition, we assess your chess skills and offer a customized progress chart to help you monitor your improvement.

Sign up today for our Educational Chess program and don't forget to sign up for our chess newsletter to learn about the latest updates and offers because we always add new content that we hope will help you improve your chess.

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