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About Educational Chess

About our chess teacher

Ms. Durham was one of the former top four women in the U.S. She participated in three U.S. national championships. She was rated expert and won against many top players. She won the brilliancy award.
She outplayed and won against many of the top-rated players in the country. She also has an international rating. She has played many tournaments over the years, both at local and national level.
She is a former columnist for the state chess magazine (Rank and File), and also wrote articles for the national chess publication (Chess Life).
Besides promoting and teaching chess, she has also successfully directed and organized tournaments.

She taught chess since 1990 to thousands of children from dozens of schools within the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Her deep understanding of the game combined with her teaching experience allows her to create customized chess lessons for each student from the novice to the rated tournament player level. She also devised her own lessons and method of teaching chess and is currently working on her first book.

Ms. Durham is very focused on the quality of chess learning, because she understands the powerful connection between chess and education. She is constantly coming up with new and creative ideas to help everyone- children, parents, and educators- learn chess well and enjoy the process of learning. In addition, she is creating lessons that include other subjects into the chess learning process- creating lessons that help students become accomplished in all academic areas and expand their critical thinking skills.

While most organizations only teach basics and have no interest in the overall learning success of their students- treating it like a baby-sitting service, she strongly believes in the quality of chess education and always challenges and motivates her students to reach new heights of learning.

Our mission

We would like to see chess develop into a nation-wide popular game and be integrated into the school curricula. So, bringing awareness about the multiple benefits of chess is something we do passionately and we will continue to do.



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