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One way to improve is to go over other experienced players' games and try to figure out why they made each move, what they were planning. By analyzing your chess games and the games of experienced players, you will learn more about patterns of thinking, openings, middle game strategies and even some endgames. If you are not familiar with all the chess rules, you can learn them from the easy animations on the Chess Rules page.
To learn chess notation, you can go to the Chess notation page.

A pretty good game played at fast rate (0 min 4 seconds).
White: D.Durham
Black:ICC Player December 25, 2003

Internet Chess Club

1.e4-e6 2.a3-d5 3.e5-c5 4.b4-cxb4 5.axb4-Qc7 6.f4-Bxb4 7.c3-Be7 8.d4-Nh6 9.Nf3-0-0 10.Bd3-Nc6 11.0-0-Bd7 12. Kh1-Nf5 13.Qe1-a6 14.g4-Nh6 15.Qg3-Na5 16.f5-Nb3 17. Bxh6-gxh6 18.f6-Nxa1 19.g5-h5 20.Qh4-Bb5 21.Qxh5-Bxd3 22.Qh6-Bxf6 23.gxf6-Bxf1 24.Qg7#      Black checkmated 1-0

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