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The Da Vinci Chess Code

The chess code mystery

Leonardo Da Vinci was a scientist, an inventor, an engineer and an artist. He had a creative mind and enjoyed challenges and figuring out solutions to different problems. He left behind a wealth of valuable information written in his manuscripts, out of which many pages were taken for many different reasons- stemming from profit to knowledge. It is believed that Da Vinci was also interested in chess- which is no surprise- chess is a combination of art and a science, and it requires a lot of research, analysis and creative problem-solving.

Leonardo Da Vinci was friends with a mathematician- Luca Paccioli. They often sat together and discussed math and worked together on different projects. Luca Paccioli wrote a collection of chess puzzles titled “De ludo scarcchorum”- a book which was found in 2007 in an Italian private library.

This book contains several pages of checkmate puzzles which required finding a solution.
Experts believe it is Leonardo Da Vinci who was rendered these chess illustrations in black and red ink- because they are so skillfully drawn.

For those creative minds which love critical thinking and are fans of the Renaissance era and Da Vinci- this discovery is one of great value.

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