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How do you know if your chess teacher has enough experience and knowledge to help your child? A lot of the parents, principals and after-school directors have a difficult time differentiating between a good chess teacher who really cares about the children's improvement and often they go for the bells and whistles some organizations falsely represent. Although chess is getting more popular, most students in after-school programs learn only the very basics of chess, when in reality there is a lot more information they could benefit from.
Here are some guidelines to follow.

- Ask about the background of the teacher (the individual is the one helping your child learn, not the organization). A seasoned tournament player generally has much more knowledge to share. Find out how many years they have played, what levels, what was their rating. Were they really good, real masters? Or do they just call themselves that?
Note: there is a big difference between someone who participated in many tournaments and teachers who have little or no tournament experience. Playing in tournaments at a high level for years helps individuals develop their creative and analytical skills.
- How many years of teaching experience do they have? At what levels? Remember that if the students will at most learn what the teachers know. If the teacher only knows basics, that is all that the students will learn.
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