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Educational Chess classes and lessons

About our chess classes and lessons

Ms. Durham is the owner and founder of Educational Chess. She is one of the former top chess-playing women in the U.S.
She has an expert rating and an international rating. She competed in many tournaments, won brilliancy awards and tournaments. She was a columnist for state and national chess publications.
She has organized and directed many tournaments.
She has been teaching chess since 1990, and she has developed her own innovative teaching methods, which foster creative thinking and inclusion of different school subjects in chess learning. She has promoted chess in various cities and communities. She is currently working on a chess book. She is very passionate about chess and helping individuals and organizations learn chess at the highest possible level.

The classes are carefully structured, the lessons are designed to combine creative thinking and help students figure out creative solutions. The goal is to help the students improve their critical thinking skills via chess and integration of chess with other subjects, while making the process fun and motivating.

The lessons are customized based on the level, age, and experience of the students. There are goals set and motivational tools used in the process of learning chess. The quality of learning chess and applying to other areas of academic life or real life is very important in creating successful chess lessons. The students learn to think and go way beyond basics- which is the only thing most organizations offer. The main goal is to learn new concepts and strategies that can be used in other subjects or in life, while making the process of learning chess fun.

So, we teach not only the basics, we teach middle game chess strategies, advanced concepts and sacrifices, as well as endgames, and chess tournament preparation. Ms. Durham is very passionate about chess and education and creates new lessons and explores new ideas on a regular basis to help her students improve . She strongly believes that students deserve the best, so she works hard to provide only the best quality of learning for her students.

The students are mainly children, but many other students of Educational Chess are teens, parents, grand parents and educators interested in learning chess efficiently.



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